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You might have heard us talking about beta testing and noticed the reference on the app. In this blog post we will explore what this means.

Very simply: It’s when an application or product is released to selected customers for testing under normal, everyday conditions of use to spot any remaining problems or flaws.

Let’s start with beta testing – this is a standard testing stage in the development of an app. During this phase, access to a fully functional app is expanded to a larger group of users. Alpha testing (the stage before beta testing) is used during the development phase and is limited to a small group of test users.

While the app is in beta testing we are constantly reviewing feedback from users regarding bugs and errors. Beta testing usually runs for several weeks.

We do beta testing because we need to know how the app behaves in different real world environments. Please keep sending your feedback through the app and by emailing [email protected]. At the conclusion of Beta testing the app will move to its permanent location on the web.