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We call the brain training element in ImpactHD cognitive content. Together with the exercise content, this is a core element of the ImpactHD app. The development of cognitive content is scheduled for Stage 1B (please see the earlier post explaining the project phases).

The cognitive content was not included in the current stage because we want to more fully engage in conversations with the community about what this content should look like.

Cognitive content will most likely be a series of tasks or games. Previous consultations with the community have indicated a preference for memory, puzzle and strategy type activities.

There are several online sites that specialise in brain training (these are not affiliated with HuntingtonsWA or ImpactHD). Some sites are free, others have free sign-up periods and others are fee-for-service. We would encourage to take advantage of the free sites and free sign up periods and explore the wide variety of games and activities that are available. Most importantly, we need you tell us about your experience by completing a short feedback survey.

Mind Games is a free site that does not require you to login to play. It does have some advertising (the cost we pay for accessing the games for “free”). You are also welcome to use any other online games site.

Once you have played a few games, please tell us about your experience by completing the feedback survey

If you have any trouble, email [email protected]