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This enlightening video is a presentation from the 2017 HDSA conference by Danny Bega. In the talk, Dr Bega talks about the contributing factors to improving quality of life through healthy living.

Dr Bega says there are four things to consider when working towards improving the quality of life for those with HD:

  1. The goal of HD treatment is to maximise the quality of life and maximise function.
  2. Exercise is important at all stages of the disease and should be tailored to ability. 
  3. Consider alternative forms for activity.
  4. Healthy lifestyle management includes paying attention to nutrition, sleep and stress management.

You can watch the full “Improving Quality of Life through Healthy Living” talk by Dr Bega here on Vimeo.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here are some other key points to take away:

  • Taking charge of your health and well being can provide you with a little bit of power and control back to this disease to some extent.
  • Symptom therapy can help to reduce the burden of symptoms and maximise function whilst optimising the quality of life.
  • In animal models of HD, increased cognitive and sensory stimulation delayed the onset of symptoms.
  • From the human studies done in Australia and NZ they studied passivity and the more passive the participant, the earlier the onset of HD symptoms.
  • Exercise recommendations vary for each individual, head to 21 minutes in the video to learn more about exercising for different stages of HD