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The app has been constructed with a default exercise program that reflects evidence based practice. There is also the option to target specific training goals. In technical terms, this is a block periodisation program with a cyclic structure with varying intensities and volumes.

In simple language, ImpactHD follows an 8-week block cycle (6 weeks of consistent/full training, 1 week of de-load and 1 week of rest). During this period, exercise intensity and volume is maintained. The next 8-week cycle will incorporate a new target intensity and volume of exercise in the default exercise program.

The first cycle assumes the user┬áhas never followed a structured exercise program (which is majority of the population). It targets neuromuscular adaptation (muscle size and strength) as a basis to┬ádevelop a ‘base’ of aerobic fitness.

Interval training (varying degrees of intensity) is under consideration for future app updates. Interval training, where it is appropriate and tolerated by the individual, requires the aerobic base that the default exercise program will develop.

ImpactHD does differ from the HEROS (research) exercise regime but not in the expected outcomes. HEROS was conducted in a face-to-face supervised gym environment and used an emerging exercise methodology. ImpactHD operates in a non-supervised environment and uses an exercise methodology that reflects best practice.