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If you’re enjoying the app, we’d love for you to share it around with your family and friends. Perhaps you could even create your own “group class” guided by the app.
After all, exercising is a lot easier when you do it with friends.

Countless studies have been done which confirm that exercise is more likely to be productive if you exercise with a buddy or in a group setting (like this research conducted by Kansas State University).

Start with friends and family who live nearby, or maybe your neighbour or a work colleague. Suggest a daily or weekly workout date, and make the commitment, helping each other along the way to achieve goals. Of course there are always obstacles like distance and travelling but you don’t have to be in the same room to start your group! It’s something you could even do via phone or video conferencing, whatever keeps you connected and motivated.

There’s a whole range of benefits to working out with a friend:

1. Accountability – when you’re working with another, you’re less likely to bail on your scheduled exercise!

2. Exercise becomes more fun – sharing experiences brings people together.

3. Social well-being – social interaction is often listed as an important factor for many people when choosing exercise and we know it also benefits the brain!

8. Shared goals – if two of you are working towards a common goal, it helps to build more resolve and resilience.

The content of this article is not tailored for any particular individual’s circumstances. The author does not take into account your physical condition, medical history or any medication you may be taking. Any advice or information provided by the author cannot replace the advice of your health care professional.