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1: Make sure your outfit is ready

The night before, put everything together you’ll need for your morning workout. These things can include: workout clothes, headphones, water bottle, shoes, and a jacket. You can also pack your work clothes with you if you’re going to be exercising at the gym so you can go straight to work.

2: Get to bed on time and skip the night snacks 

Dr. Nate Watson, an advisory board member at SleepScore Labs says, people need between 7–9 hours of sleep per night, and focusing on enough sleep helps you wake up more refreshed and ready to exercise in the morning. As part of sleeping better, skip the night snacks, Dr. Watson says. You don’t need to have a grumbling stomach, but you should stop eating and drinking within two hours of bed, to minimize the possibility of sleep disruption, he notes.

3: Have your goal set 

Write your goal down!! Dr. David Greuner, head physician at NYC Surgical Associates, notes that habits are easier to set, and discipline is more quickly generated, by knowing what your morning will bring.

4: Relax

 Performance coach Barbara Cox, PhD says “If you can get into a relaxed brainwave state, called an alpha state, and create a vision of what you want to accomplish, you can ‘feel’ what it’s like to have it occur.”

5: Set your alarm to play music you love 

Research has shown that playing upbeat music not only increases your performance during the workout, but makes it seem more enjoyable. Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, an ER physician and director of clinical strategy at digital health company Sharecare advises that people wake up to tunes that are energizing. She notes that people should also continue their workout with a great playlist to listen to.